Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Surviving Survivor

A fascinating dysfunctional train wreck is what this season of Survivor's turning out to be. It's been uncomfortable viewing at times. Fang's only occasionally pulled together as a team, and seems stuck in a negative feedback loop where their energy is getting worse; but Kota, all of its challenge wins aside, is showing cracks in its teamwork whenever they're back at camp. I found the food issues, and the fact that they weren't being discussed openly, to be telling. (Plus I think Randy's a poisonous person, no matter which team he's on.) Back in 2001's Australia season, I got the sense that a good portion of the contestants genuinely liked each other, even as they competed; there's much less love here, and the competition's uglier.

Crystal seems to be losing it, and an ugly side is coming out as she grows more exhausted (as opposed to Randy starting out showing his ugly side and becoming uglier and more obnoxious as the game goes on). I'm honestly surprised she wasn't voted off last night, or that she's been so flat-footed in physical challenges. And she's an Olympian (she ran in Athens, the same Olympics as my cousin Neil). So that's a reminder that being great at athletics isn't necessarily a way to win on Survivor.

I can see Fang getting down to one member. That's only happened once before on the show, right?

And I really didn't expect I'd turn around the way I have about Sugar. Partly it's that I think she's being picked on by Kota -- last night was the fourth time they've sent her to Exile Island, and that really seems to be having a psychological effect -- but she's played well, she's trying to play better and help her tribe when possible, and is chafing against the lack of chances to help her tribe.

Finally (for now), I also wouldn't be surprised if the editors had to edit around a LOT of profanity during the "snake chase" challenge.
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