Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Kevin Smith! Metallica! Together [in this post] for the first time!

First, I'll show my Kevin Smith fanboy side and link to his chat about his hoped-for next film, the horror film Red State:
I've made eight comedies in a row. Some funnier than others, some unintentionally funny, but it just feels like maybe I should try something else just to see. Most days I don't feel like a filmmaker, I just feel like a guy who directs the movies he writes, and what he writes are dick and fart joke movies. I'd like to make Red State -- which I think is strong and says something, and I haven't made a movie that truly says something in awhile, maybe Dogma was the last one. It'd be really nice to do it to see if I really am a filmmaker. If I do it and it works, then, great, maybe I am a filmmaker. If I do it and it doesn't work, then okay -- I'm the guy who makes dick and fart joke movies.
Now for the Metallica portion of this post!

I'll link ya to this when I can, 'cause it's priceless: KUFO's Cort and Fatboy just held a contest this week for Portland fans of Metallica: record a Metallified version of a TV theme song. The winning song? A Metallified, James-Hetfield-growling version of the theme to SpongeBob SquarePants. YEAH! *throws devil horns* The runner-up? Happy Days! Edited, This Is: They played the runner-up and the winner on last night's show. The episode also featured David Walker remembering his friends Rudy Ray Moore and Doug Baum (a Portland bartender), both of whom died this past week.

Still later: Twelve submissions! Available for listening! Woo hoo! (Fatboy was good enough to tell me how to find it.)
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