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norda? Happy birthday! Here's word association!

Thoughts on the occasion of Patty Cryan’s, a.k.a. norda’s, birthday:

norda lights! Better than Northern lights!
norda Star! As steady as the Northern Star!
norda Exposure! Your friends, customers and fellow con-goers get it!
Life in a norda Town! How is it? And why didn’t the Dream Academy ever sing about that?
[channels Woody from Cheers] norda, norda, norda, norda, norda, norda, norda, norda, N-O-R-D-A…eh?

Happy Birthday, Patty.

I thought briefly of writing “Horton Hears a Dr. Who!” but A) that’s almost certainly been done and B) I don’t have the brainpower right now for Dr. Seuss pastiche…
Tags: birthdays, poetical

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