Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

For the increasing ease of reading me: Tagging List Part II

I talk about many things repeatedly. Makes sense, then, to have more of my entries tagged so people can more easily go back through what I've written before, subject by subject. I did my first round of tagging back in February; I've since added a bunch more, linked and explained below:

Books: I'm surprised I didn't make this tag earlier, considering how important books are to me.
Firefly/Whedon: I'd created this tag to collect my write-ups about last year's Firefly screenings at the Mission Theater and Pub, but eventually started using it as a catch-all for Whedon-related entries about Buffy, Angel and so on. So now it gets a more all-encompassing name.
Harlan: I'd realized how often I link to stuff related to Harlan Ellison.
Language: I'm surprised I didn't make this tag earlier, either. This is about language, analyzing it and having fun with it. I like werrrrrrrds.
Memes: All those online quizzes I've taken and Q&As I've done, linked for your perusing convenience!
Music: Let the music play! It won't get away! (Or however that line went.)
Photos: Picture pages, picture pages, lots of fun with picture pages, lots of funs with crayons and with pencils... I mean, pictures I've put on my ever-so-slightly-more-visual journal. Including photo proof of my existence.
Politics: Self-explanatory. Not used too often, but it's there in case.
Portland: Where I go into more detail about my chosen town. Much overlap with Peregrinations, as I walk around town a lot, but the city deserved its own tag.
Voice: Want to hear my voice? Click on that! All of my phone posts get it.
Webcomics: I read some web comics. I link to them. I even know webcomic makers. Thus, this.
YouTube. For each time I link to some cool video.

And... I've also created the tag "Private." It links all of my private entries. If I've done this properly, if any of you click on that, NOTHING WILL COME UP. Mwa ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa!

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