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Is it funny that I was born on All Saints' Day?

What do I wish for on my birthday?

Christopher Walken reciting the lyrics to Loudon Wainwright III's "I Wish I Was A Lesbian."

And my continued ability to have as cool a life as I can and do as interesting work, including as interesting writing, as I can.

Yeah. At least one of those is very possible. :-)

I'll turn 35 in a few hours -- if I'm correctly figuring the change in when Daylight Savings Time starts, it will be at 9:10 a.m., because I was born at 10:10 at Emanuel Hospital here in Portland on November 1st, 1973. (My brother was born at 10:06 p.m. on March 31st, 1971. To this day he's relieved he wasn't born two hours later, though I think the goofy part of him kind of wishes that maybe he had been...)

Today is a me-day. I'm roadtripping this morning to my parents' place in Dundee -- laundry, computer stuff that's easier to do there, and Quiet Me Time. Then back into Portland, and picking up something yummy for a potluck that'll happen before s00j's Portland house concert tonight. I get to hear S.J.! A nice birthday present!

Added: Orenthal Hawkins, a.k.a. popfiend, wrote me a nice birthday message. So did Setsuled.
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