Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Yet another political post but one that's personal, 'cause the personal is political or something

I want/don't want to listen to political talk.

I'm conflicted. It adds to the day's strange energy.

I'm home for lunch and listening to The Rick Emerson Show (on AM 970 The Talker, there, pimping over), because it's political talk that won't drive me crazy. Mostly.

Over the past 10 or so years, I've become a political-conversation wuss. I barely listen to talk radio because I can't stand most of it. It boggles me that back in the early '90s, I listened to someone I disagree with on an almost molecular level, G. Gordon Liddy. Yes, he had a talk radio show (does he still have one?). Today I hate listening to Dennis Miller, and I might possibly agree with him on various subjects that don't rhyme with ush or ulf. I don't always listen to Emerson, either, because at times he gets too intense -- thinking so fast that he sometimes trips over his own thought process, sounding less smart than he really is -- and in the process I get spun up and wanting to say "I MUST ARGUE!" And when I feel argumentative, I get less funny. And I don't like being less funny.

Soon I'll go back to work, where my little radio can't pick up Emerson (I tried), and once again be cut off from political coverage. Stay well-behaved, okay?
Tags: politics, radio

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