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Should "Residual Goofy" be a recognized medical condition?

I think I'm still feeling residual goofy from last night. Tonight I made an "I'd take commands from Victoria Stilwell" crack.

In other me-news, I'm proud of myself. Today I did a round-up of all of my online film reviews, so they're all linked from a single page. Eventually I'll clean up the coding and transfer it to a public page, to better pimp my writing.

I also traveled. Central Library, downtown Powell's (reading a few pages from John Ringo's Ghost books just so I could think OH JOHN RINGO NO), and the Max to the Zoo station. I walked down to the zoo-Sunset Highway interchange and finally found a trailhead that I'd known was there but couldn't find before. So next time I have boots...
Tags: books, film reviews, peregrinations

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