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This happening to anyone else?

Weird thing on my LJ this morning: When I go to my friends page, the heading at the top of my browser window only briefly has my Friends Page title ("Entertain Me!!!") on it; it then resets to
http: //
(spaces put in to prevent making it a link)

I Googled "dipdive," and I got links saying it's a mobile, Blackberry-related social network (currently hosting a lot of election-related songs) being backed by singer It's the first I've heard of it. It only seems to be affecting my Friends page, but is it affecting wnywhere else?

I'm viewing it on IE, by the way.

Post-noon: I figured it out. One of my friends posted a Dipdive-hosted video (that song, in fact),and my computer was having trouble loading it. No biggie. (Yes! Nothing's wrong!)

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