Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Everyone’s a Taskmaster

At least everyone in my dreams was. On streets, in scarily large buildings, in a desert where the Scorpion King (when he was still a good guy, before he became a bad guy) was using Star Wars-looking flying skiffs, I kept getting questioned by the oddest people. I remember teens ATVing on dunes and around brush pausing to ask me if I have a permit. For what, I know not. Also I was working on a film with the director, um, Borat. (He can direct? Great success!) And he was a taskmaster too, very disappointed in me for some reason. And there were whiplash “Huh??” moments, like me riding down a street and looking to my left and HOLY CRAP, IS THAT ONE OF THE CHASES FROM TERMINATOR 2 GOING IN THE OTHER DIRECTION? Apparently so. (My Linda Hamilton was a little off, but my Ed Furlong and Ahnuld were spot-on. There may have been Summer Glau as Cameron the Terminator, too.)

Actually quite a beautiful dream, despite the “Huh??”s.
Tags: dreams

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