Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Held in thrall by naked Picasso butt

Now that I've got your (confused) attention, how perfect a day was this? I hung out at Dawn and Patrick's home for several hours, slowly gathering stuff I would later buy at the "indoor yard sale" they're holding this weekend. Them being them, they had many many books available; me being me, I bought a lot of those. Toys, too: sitting on my desk is Syndrome standing on the OmniDroid from The Incredibles. (That's going to my office, because that's the one work-safe toy I got.) And comics. And DVDs.

The naked Picasso butt? To be exact, it's a framed print of a butt drawn by Picasso, and it made me smile, and I could afford it (after copperwise totalled up my first batch of purchases, and I saw I was nowhere near my upper limit for the day), so I got it. Hey, you see it and tell me if you would not be held in thrall by naked Picasso butt. (Picasso's own actual naked butt wouldn't do much for me, admittedly, but still...) Another piece of decoration that's now mine is the original theatrical poster for The Iron Giant, done in 1950s pulp sci-fi style ("It Came From Outer Space!").

But the real pefection? I got to do some laughing-and-scratching with worth-it-to-laugh-and-scratch-with people, such beautifully sick minds as coffeeinhell and Patrick and copperwise and tanuki_green and even a fun singer-songwriter-guitarist named S.J. Tucker, who -- much like my brother Thomas Munroe Walsh, Jr., whose name got shortened to T.J. and then (by me) shortened further to the one-syllable "Teej" -- goes by "Sooj." And who also goes by s00j, for those of you who'd like to read what she writes. I have some of her music now, too! Sooj passed out mp3 discs to anyone who signed up for her mailing list. She's gotten good write-ups from critics: one called her Tori Amos without the random orgasmic screaming ;-)

After the sale ended (which I attended five hours of!), I made my exit, and treated myself to Popeye's on the way home. Yes, good fast food chicken-and-sausage jambalaya is possible. That was my dinner. It'll probably be my lunch tomorrow, too.

More "indoor yard sale"-age happens tomorrow at Dawn and Patrick's, from 10 to 2.

P.S. Yesterday (drizzle be damned!), I walked 14,000 steps. A new post-Christmas record!

Edited to add: Oo! Oo! More goodness I should've mentioned: Dawn and Patrick made us burgers! Good meat, too. Another benefit of hanging out at the sale that long.
Tags: music, portland

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