Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Hello to the newish

Picked up some new readers, I have:

Hi. That's me in the icon, back when I had VanDyke facial hair. (I'm clean-shaven now for temp work. Looking as clean-cut as possible is a good idea at the moment. 'course, Norman Bates looked clean-cut, too, heh heh...)

I've been on LJ since September 2004, and have met some amazing people thanks to it. I'll hope you all find me intriguing and edifying and otherwise worthwhile, too (laying a foundation for finding me amazing!). I'll also warn you that I usually take a while to friend people back, but I don't lock much of my journal and I don't use any filters, so you're getting most of Online Me.

That said, if you're interested enough to read my journal, you may have questions. I'm open to answering!

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