Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Relaxing dinner with the folks tonight: seafood grill, mood lighting, amusing conversation. They showed up at my place (announced, this was planned) at about 5 o'clock, laptop in tow so Dad could show photos from their Virginia trip. They celebrated Halloween with their grandsons/my nephews, who were very into the whole Halloween thing. (Robbie was SpongeBob SquarePants. Hyperactive Eric, dressed as a skeleton, showed the skill and inclination to stand perfectly still next to the front door so that he could suddenly jump, scaring people. He now wants to do that next Halloween instead of trick-or-treating!) They also went to Great Falls National Park, the Virginia side of the waterfall, on Election Day. The boys found the falls soothing and a kayaker below the rapids fascinating. They also visited the increasingly neat Air & Space Museum annex, walking around an F-14 Tomcat and the space shuttle Enterprise. (I need to get back there.) All sorts of neatness, photo-documented.

After showing me the photos, Mom and Dad gave me presents: a D.C. t-shirt, snickerdoodles and a gift card to Fred Meyer. They like to be sure I'm getting fed.

Then there was dinner, at the Newport Grill next to Lloyd Center. I had salmon stuffed with two other types of seafood, like a delicious kind of nested doll. This all was a belated birthday present, because Mom and Dad were 3,000 miles from me when I turned 35 two weeks ago.

More treating later: we didn't eat from the dessert menu -- hey, do this sometime: eat dinner somewhere that has good dinners and desserts, pay for dinner, go for a walk around the neighborhood, come back, THEN buy dessert -- but I assured the folks I'd be fine. "I bought Ben & Jerry's today," I said.

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