Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

That's NOT deep??

To this day, after what, how many years of listening to Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, I look at pictures of Reed and expect his voice to be low, almost like Anthony Bourdain's, but no, it's high.

I think I assume that people's voices will be low. I grew up around a lot of low-voiced, deep-voiced people. It's possibly what I'm used to. (For years I assumed Peter David's voice was fairly low, then I finally saw him in a video clip discussing The Dark Tower. Oh.)

And supposedly Abraham Lincoln had a high, reedy voice. I still have trouble reconciling that, though (save the invention of a time machine) I'll never know exactly how he sounded.

History may be told with the wrong tone! It's often told with the wrong accent, too, but that's a whole other movie-related talk (like this morning's other entry)...
Tags: music

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