Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Brain dump post-workday

* I'm back! And we're back, LJ in toto. Miss us?

* Today I took myself out to lunch (bussing up, walking back; way to use my bus pass and those calories!) at the 12th and Powell Subway. I saw -- well, heard -- a rear-ending because a car stopped for the crosswalk signal and the driver behind him didn't stop fast enough. But I heard the sound first, which makes me a lousy witness because I didn't see it, just the aftermath.

* Tonight I'm doing laundry. Tomorrow night I'll buy groceries. This is my level of exciting. I could make this a journal slogan: My blog! It's the interesting kind of boring!

* For some reason this morning I could picture someone I know being (I thought) "emo at a piano."

Emo at a Piano should be a title.


I'm liking the novel Twilight. (Mike researched Twilight and its fandom earlier this year for an article and a comic strip.) I'll have review-y thoughts at some point.
Tags: books, dreams, out-of-context theater!, peregrinations

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