Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A rare grumpy post

Blah blah stupid money blah blah stupid bills blah blah stupid insecurities blah blah stupid people blah blah I'm gonna have some fucking popcorn now.

Hi. I'm working my way out of a mood. Helping improve it are the radio (Cort and Fatboy, no I'm not actually dating either of them though you may think so I link to them so much, but they're good guys and funny guys and I can use the laughing), plus the cable on right now with Paul Simon singing on The Colbert Report. Nice.

By the way, none of the stupid people I'm referring to are reading this.

Time to stop being so fucking emo. (I don't even have a piano so I can be emo at a piano, so why be emo?)

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