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Making Thanksgiving special

So I'm taking further advantage of not going to family Thanksgiving this year. (Don't worry, no sinister or sad reason, it's just happening out of town and next week it makes more sense for me to stay in town.) Not only am I scheduled to donate blood in the morning -- Red Cross's donation center is always open Thursdays no matter what -- I now have a reservation to have an early Thanksgiving dinner at the Rheinlander. It's a longtime German restaurant in Northeast Portland, and they feed you wellllllllllll. Our family's kick-ass lentil soup recipe (really, it's so good and thick it could form a fist) is adapted from the Rheinlander's. The restaurant also spun off a good local chain of pubs called Gustav's.

My folks are being nice enough to reimburse me for my Thanksgiving meal, so I wanted to find something special. I haven't eaten at the Rheinlander since around 1990, for a big, big family gathering. Yesterday I learned it was open for Thanksgiving, and I thought that's it!

I made the reservation today, while walking and bussing: first to Cosmic Monkey Comics a couple of blocks east of the Rheinlander, then to the restaurant, then down to the Belmont Library. I also got a haircut (yay for better behaved hair!) and Trader Joe's groceries. Good, if slightly bracing, day for a walk. (I say "slightly bracing" and not "cold" because I've seen the weather reports for the Midwest. Body parts aren't breaking off over there yet, are they?)

So I'll be eating wellllllllllll sometime after 1:00 p.m. next Thursday.
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