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I saw the lovely and talented apocalypsos take it, and I've taken it now as well:

*insert crack about my man-crushes on Jason Lee and Dennis Quaid here*

Seriously, an increasing number of people in my life are on the LGBT spectrum (which is one reason I don't use this LJ for dating purposes, heh), and I had the seeds of being at least LGBT-friendly from a young age onward. (The quiz brings up who you socialize with, is why I bring that up.) True story: when Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney recorded the song "The Girl Is Mine," I didn't immediately "get" that the high-voiced person was male: So a girl wants a girl? I was thinking on some level. And I accepted that and went on. I was about age 8 back then, and already noticing how purrrrty girls were: I appreciated them from a young age. I was figuring out sexuality stuff, in (I think) pretty safe circumstances, for which I'm grateful.

Now I'm curious if all y'all could take this. So inclined? (But no, I'm still not likely to date any of you...)

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