Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

He saves the world! A lot! Doesn't Will Smith deserve some sugar?

Link time: David "Bad Azz Mofo" Walker writes for MSN about why Will Smith, in almost all of his films, never gets the girl:
Sometimes it's nothing more than a kiss on the lips, other times it's a steamy roll in the sack, but getting the girl is second only to kicking ass and being able to outrun an explosion in defining the masculine virility of the action hero.

To some, the notion of getting the girl being an essential element in defining the action hero may seem outdated and sexist, but it is a tried and true formula that actually works. Think of how many action films you've seen where the action was interrupted by unnecessary romance or sex, which seems randomly thrown in just to remind the audience that the film's stars are desirable. And these rules don't always apply to the boys, because Thelma in Thelma and Louise got the girl -- granted the girl was a guy, but the same principals were involved. Even old geezers like Harrison Ford still get the girl. Hell, Anakin Skywalker got the girl, and he's Darth Vader. This is part of the reason why Will Smith not getting the girl is so troubling...
More at the link, including how twisted the story logic in Hancock had to get to avoid letting Smith get the girl. Think about it. (And rail, ladies, against the fact that one damn handsome man almost never gets to roll in the sack with anyone...)

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