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Steel TRAP, I tells ya. It's a steel TRAP.

A steel trap that can remember exchanges from 26-year-old issues of Mad Magazine:

"You OK?"
"Yeah! It only hurts when I talk!"
"Gee, you must be in constant pain!"

That's from Mad's parody of The Greatest American Hero, as Parody!William Katt pulls Parody!Robert Culp from wreckage.

Speaking of "it only hurts when I talk," I've been careful with my voice today. Sore throat. Plus my stomach was slightly unsettled (mayhap vaguely unsettled), so the most rigorous stuff I did was walk to the corner store for the Sunday paper, take out garbage and recycling, and do laundry. Turned on the TV and saw the Portland Trail Blazers win a road game, too, which was nice and which lessened the sting of most every NFL team I'd hoped would win this weekend in fact losing.

Today was a good radio day for me. KINK FM 101.9 (only in Portland, Oregon would there be a major radio station named KINK, though for reasons that should be obvious the station's website is not kink DOT com) played nothing but 1984 music. It had been in 1983 in Virginia Beach, VA that I'd finally started really listening to Top 40 radio, not knowing the format was in its death throes at the time but starting to listen to Casey Kasem and noticing the new songs and latching on to certain of those songs. (Before that, when I lived in Camarillo, CA and didn't yet have my own radio, was the one time my family was listening to country radio. I heard "Elvira" a LOT in that town.) So yesterday's 1983-themed sets and today's 1984-themed sets really especially resonated with me. I may have looked a little, um, religiously moved when Prince songs from Purple Rain came on. :-) Did my best not to sing along, though. Sore throat.

Okay. Probably I've posted enough today. This is -- let's see -- Post #8. Good thing I don't need to speak to post!
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