Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Maybe Repo! The Genetic Opera repossessed MY MIND.

First off, random thoughts fired by my tired mind while watching Repo! The Genetic Opera:

"This must be the world after Audrey II took over." (Really! Here's where it began!)

"The world needs more Anthony Stewart Head singing. Heck, couldn't he have been in Dr. Horrible too?"

"Wow. 17 years ago was busy."

"There's some pleasure in seeing Paris Hilton's face fall off..."

"I feel dirty." (This thought, I thought maybe nine or ten or more times.)

Space-y flick, man. Actually good for someone tired and close to sleep, like I was when I saw it last night: under those conditions the film starts to feel like dream-logic, though I don't think that's what the filmmakers really intended. My mind went tilt many times in many ways: Who thought to combine the words "repo," "genetic," and "opera"? Those words had never been put together before. The "the" doesn't count. I am incapable of even putting those words together, let alone all the words writers Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich came up with and made into a play and then a film with the help of money from the Saw movies. (First the blood drives and now financing Repo!: am I gonna have to be glad Saw got made? Argh! Yeah, those flicks are not my thing, sorry to disappoint many of you.)

The whole film seems made of garbage, like the garbage from the worlds of Brazil, Blade Runner and Saw somehow developed sentience and sex organs so that they mated and made more garbage. This somehow works. It's a cluttered world, almost overwhelmingly so. Loud, too; of course, everyone sings! (The noise sometimes overwhelmed the Clinton Street Theater's sound system. THIS is ths sound system they use for Rocky Horror Picture Show? It's good they have performers and audience members singing along...)

Gorehounds? Gore there be. Sex fans? Sex appeal there be, even when it's creepy (20-year-old Alexa Vega, as main character/blood disease survivor Shilo, got her start as one of Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids. Eight years from the first Spy Kids and that's still my first image of her, even now that she's in revealing rock-star shirts like in one scene in Repo!). Lies, deceit and general Goth-flavored melodrama power the plot. (So do secret passages. I want a home with secret passages.)

More of my words will not be sufficient to properly convey the madness. Just click on the links and think more about if this film would be for you.

(Want to know more about Repo!? Wikipedia provides, wordily. Whoa; it claims that one of the songs, by the character Single Mother, is sung by Poe. Could it be? Let it be! Hey, a little more melodramatic and I could be in an opera...)
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