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Got gas on the way to the supermarket this morning. Paid $1.89 a gallon. I last paid that little in 2004. (I wasn't even blogging yet.)

I don't drive much (I've been lucky that I haven't had to drive much), and I only bought gas at more than $4 a gallon twice this summer.

Speaking of saving money, I then bought $65.57 worth of groceries for $53.89, thanks to $11.68 worth of coupons. "Don't usually see guys shop like that," my cashier said. "I learned at the feet of a master," I told her. (Hi, Mom!)

Speaking of NOTHING TO DO WITH SAVING MONEY, I shall pimp again: Today at 6 p.m., AM 970 The Talker (a talk radio station, as you can tell from the name) presents two live radio dramas, A.Z. (After Zombies) and The Adventures of the Crimson Mist. Written by and starring people I know, A.Z. follows modern-day Portlanders faced with a greater threat than high prices: frickin' zombies. And The Crimson Mist follows 1940s Portlanders ("fast-talking, high pants"? We'll find out) when criminals face a greater threat than the cops: the costumed vigilante The Crimson Mist! It'll be live on the radio station's live stream. Live radio drama, y'all. I'm so there. (My brother would REALLY be there. He's the radio-drama geek.)
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