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Click on the link for the first-ever use of the phrase "blinking Gorn"

Star Trek technical advisor Mike Okuda was interviewed by Wired about his recent job of redoing special effects on Classic Trek episodes:
Okuda says he was initially reluctant to get involved with the project due to scheduling problems, but also because of reservations he had about tweaking the sci-fi classic. Talking with original Trek producer Dave Rossi about the project, Okuda insisted that the new effects would have to be closely based on the originals to retain the visual spirit of the '60s series.

He made suggestions about what to update, and warned about possible pitfalls, with Rossi listening patiently, according to Okuda.

"Finally, he interrupted me and said something like, 'Look, if you feel this strongly about it, why don't you come on board? Otherwise, don't complain,'" Okuda said. "Think about it. If someone offered you a job as producer -- even retroactively -- on the original Star Trek, what would you do? Turn it down? I don't think so."
(I'll say for the record that that headline is just, ugh, awkward. "Star Trek Tweaker Talks Perils of Remastering Original Series." Makes me think of the Simpsons episode where Lisa sees the marquee "Yahoo Serious Festival" and says "I recognize the words but not the order." Plus I think "tweaker" is an ugly word.)

I know from people I trust that Mike Okuda's a good and smart guy. Nice to see more evidence. (His wife and producing partner Denise Okuda is worthy, too. They were visiting the National Air & Space Museum's Star Trek exhibit back in the early Nineties when a visiting young woman fainted. Denise is also a nurse, and she helped make sure she was okay. The girl's parents then realized a Star Trek alum was helping them and started geeking out about that!)
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