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Family, football and fun

Now back to the good stuff from the weekend (now that I’m home from work and fed and playing Star Wars music and able to relax):

I saw young ones Sunday morning! My cousin Rob Paulsen and his family – wife Birgitte, 5-year-old son Markus, and (yay!) 6-month-old Amalia – are in the Pacific Northwest. This is a feat, as normally they’re in Copenhagen, Denmark. But even more conveniently for me, that morning they were in SE Portland, just a few miles south of my home, so it was easy to find them.

Rob’s other grandma, Yonieve, was playing host to them and other family members in her two-bedroom apartment near the Willamette River and the Sellwood Bridge. My parents and I arrived at the same time, and entered the chaos. Markus was just this shy of literally ricocheting off the walls. Amalia (whose name is kind of pronounced “Ah-MAY-lee-uh” – uh, those of you who really know how to say her name, please let me know if that’s correct) was battling her first cold, but generally was in a good mood, especially when Birgitte was breast-feeding her. We joined our family’s laughing and scratching, already in progress…

After that, I hit the road again, same as my folks, and we ran whatever errands we needed to run while out and about. We then converged on their Dundee place, where we prepared to watch the Super Bowl. I even learned stuff! During the game, longtime sports fan Dad told me the quick history of the NFL and the AFL and the creation of the Super Bowl. We had dinner during the second half (pizza and nachos; we’d earned comfort food, by Gum!). I wish the game had gone better for Seattle; Mom and Dad were a little torn, because they were glad Seattle had made it to the Super Bowl but they also had admired how Pittsburgh had played this season, so they weren’t totally rooting for either side. When the game was good, it was worthy and worth it…though it was a frustrating game at times. Oh well. At least there was the “magic fridge” and FedEx’s cavemen and the jackasses. I like saying “jackasses”…
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