Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Rest in peace, Bettie Page

I join my fellow brunette appreciators in saying: rest in peace, Bettie Page. I hope you were both bemused and touched by the amazing number of people who had a crush on you.

Bettie Page became a pin-up model, her work in the 1950s often "underground" -- nude or fetish photography that wouldn't get commercially published -- save for her 1955 appearance as a Playboy centerfold. A 1970s revival reintroduced her, and her often amusing photographs, to people who weren't alive when she first became popular. Her popularity grew from there. She was sex with a smile, which is a special kind of sexy.

Trivia: her birth name was Betty Mae Page. When she started getting named in her photos, she was often listed as "Betty Page," but in the early 1990s, when she finally gained financial control of her image, she made sure she was credited as Bettie Page, her preferred name. All of her official merchandise lists her as Bettie. Ask for it by name.

Mark Evanier, a worthy pop-culture observer, remembers her here. He was a friend of a friend of hers. He has boggled more than once at that degree of separation.

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