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I'm thinking about 1996. I was prompted by another year-specific day of programming at the almost-40-year-old KINK FM 101.9: since 6 a.m., it's been nothing but music from that year.

I'd fallen out of the habit of listening to the radio (concentrating instead on my film music collecting and, come '95, my writing for Film Score Monthly) during my first three years at college; in '96, during my fourth, I started listening again. It was a side effect of finally having a girlfriend, because Alicia was listening to the radio. So I became more aware again of popular music, though in my absense Top 40 radio (which I'd listened to plenty in the Eighties) had shrunk back farther. So I'll be recognizing more of the songs the station plays today. (I'm waiting for Jann Arden's "Insensitive": "I thought that you might have/ Some advice to give/ On how to be/ Insensitive...")

'96 eventful year for me. Some of it in good ways, some of it in bad ways. (I want to say I take responsibility for some thoughtless behavior of mine that made part of it bad, but telling that story may be more honesty than I want to show right now! All I'll say is that I'm pretty sure I learned a needed lesson.) It began with the bang of the big floods we had in the Willamette Valley and, at almost the same time, Alicia and I hooking up all couple-like. At year's end I finished college. That meant one extra class at Portland State University when I was one class short of graduation, plus my delayed Honors College thesis, which I didn't finish until November. I was still allowed to walk in the summer '96 University of Oregon graduation ceremony. We had a great speech by alumus Ann Curry. (We couldn't have alumnus Don Simpson, because he was dead.)

I remember someone (I can't remember who, though) who said that 1996 was one of the 20th century's worst years for pop music. I'll listen and see what I think. (It was the year that gave us the Macarena, so there's that strike against it.)
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