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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy: Day 6 of 7

And that day is Friday. Today!

I'm happy that I have money, because I called in a donation to KUFO's Rockathon For Kids and used my donation to play Oingo Boingo's "Cry of the Vatos"+ on the air. Cort of Cort and Fatboy announced it as "'Cry of the Vatos,' a song as weird as the man who requested it!"

I'm also happy with my dinner, where I grilled up rice noodles, chicken and avocado into YUMMINESS.

(Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5)
+ That song has maybe the most unexpected backmasked lyrics in rock history:
(First part)
Praise God brothers and sisters.
Just once or twice is good for your soul, Praise God!
Accept Jesus into your heart and you will saved.
You will receive everlasting life.
Listen to me, I've sinned, I know.

(Second part)
Praise Jesus and you will be saved, saved, saved...
Praise God, you are healed, healed, healed...
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