Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Well, you were just really damn lucky there, Chris.

I shall share a *headdesk* moment:

Actual agita last month over getting my car's tags renewed in time, efforts involving dropping a few hundred dollars on a repair I needed first, and then I didn't put the new stickers on. I found them on my desk this morning after finally (finally) starting to unearth the damn desk from its piles of papery junk that I'd accumulated. I was being lazy, and because of that I didn't have the new stickers saying my car's street legal. Argh.

Good thing A) I haven't driven much since then and B) no cops noticed those times I have driven. But gee, Chris, shouldn't two tickets for the same reason on my old, then-stranded car back in the summer have been enough reminding?

On the plus side, I have been cleaning. And throwing out unneeded stuff. Always a good time to do that.

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