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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Day 7 of 7: Zoo Lights

Longer post about happy stuff this time.

Today (Saturday), because other plans of mine for this weekend had fallen through, I decided to do something else special instead. After taking care of library business, I rode the Max to the Oregon Zoo for Zoo Lights. It was my first time at Zoo Lights since 2004, when I first visited; I was in the mood for pretty, and also in the mood to see the pretty before the weather got teeth-shatteringly cold. Almost all of the zoo gets decorated with light displays, some of them walls of light, others in animal shapes, some of these animated; and the Washington Park and Zoo Railway winds along a path also so decorated. This is hugely popular; I showed up at Zoo Lights' opening at 5, and there were already lines. I rode the train first, and cheerfully regressed. I actually was calling out the names of animals I recognized: "Bat!" "Owl!" "Komodo dragon!" "Triceratops!" I even waved at the other zoo train as it chugged along a lower portion of the railway and said, "Hi, train!"

I didn't stay much longer at the zoo, because I had more errands later (Powell's browsing and grocery shopping), but I ran down to the elephant building to see the baby Asian elephant Samudra. He was not just sleeping, he was sleeping that oh-so-heavy sleep that kids seem so good at, where they're almost flat. Another elephant -- his mother Rose-Tu, I'm guessing -- stood over him, trunk touching his side.

Now, errands are done, I'm back in my own warm place, I'm eating popcorn, and I have groceries. All sorts of good.

(Here's what I said I was happy about last Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.)
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