Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Pointless censorship

Saw a few minutes of kablooey (plus asplodey!) in Independence Day just now. Watched from when the President reaches Air Force One to when Vivica A. Fox's dog proves to be fireproof.

Rolled my eyes at some TV censor blurring out a corporate logo on a downtown L.A. building (behind the people atop the about-to-be-asploded skyscraper when the police in helicopters are telling them to leave the roof).

Yes, this somehow was an issue...or at least someone thought it was, or thought it could be, or or or...

(Anyone who knows me knows I'd be a lousy censor. Thoughts like these are maddening to me.)

Let whoever did that never be allowed to touch Blade Runner. Or Minority Report, for that matter, where the overload of corporate logos was a deliberate design choice to show how we're already overrun with logos and ads (plus the sponsorships paid for more of the film than you'd expect)., I didn't write this entry just to indulge my desire to write "asplodey."

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