Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Credit where credit is due

Overheard today: “I’m not talking about your streetwalking!”

Oh. There was more to write about…

Eight-and-a-half hours today, applying for credit cards. Not my own, mind you; I was submitting dozens of credit card applications from new customers of a new big-box department store southeast of Portland. My job was to fill out an on-line form, and then see if a credit-checking company would let each app go through. (I’m glad one didn’t; the customer claimed her residence was “Portland, Clackamas” – yeah, that’s how she wrote it – but also gave the zip code of Hermiston, about 200 miles east of either Portland or Clackamas! I’ve been out of fraud detection for two years, yet the old skepticisms needed for that job were resurfacing when I read that…) It was a grunt-work typing job, and I did it reasonably fast, helping the two mostly easy-going and joking representatives from the financial company. Truly and verily, they were convivial and amiable…there, I’ve met my allotment of $10 words! It was a three-person job, and they were third-person-less today. Lucky me, especially since I got paid well for it.

With a day off yesterday, I remembered something that my friend Alicia had hoped to get to Portland to attend, and was able to attend it: the National Geographic Warehouse Sale at the Oregon Convention Center, here in East Portland. Row upon row of clearance, educationally-fun books and maps and videos and apparel, all dealing with this really amazing world we’re on. Being (or at least acting) poor, I got nothing, even though $40 books were going for $10 or sometimes less.

But I did get something, at least in photo form, from an event next door. I had brought a camera, with an eye towards people-watching and people-recording, and I found cause to shoot. I won’t say what it was, because I want to surprise Alicia with the photos I have, photos of something cute. For the holidays, give the gift of cuteness!

Continuing to be knocked out by Stephen King’s Dark Tower books. I’ve reached Part II of Book III, The Waste Lands (let’s see: I'm now on page 257 out of 422). It’s amazing how sinister King can make the line “And be a happy choo-choo train until the day I die,” heh heh…
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