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Chris Walsh


Like many parts of the U.S., Portland is having a "weather event." As in, it'll likely be heavier weather than normal. (It's weatherrific!) Snow is small-flaked but consistent, and we're below freezing, and more moisture and likely a lot more snow is forecast. We may have several inches today before it's done.

But buses and my feet have served me well. This midday I got up to the Hawthorne Fred Meyer for grocery shopping (including milk; I'm plenty well stocked with bread and toilet paper, though, so no chanting of "Bread, milk, toilet paper! Bread, milk, toilet paper!"). I walked up to Powell Blvd. and waited for the #9 bus eastbound, then soon after got the #75 northbound up 39th Ave. I first tried the Belmont branch of the county library, but a sign said all Multnomah County library branches are closed today. My bank was open, however, so another errand (turning a $20 bill into quarters for laundry) got done. Shopping, then, plus an accident where my backpack's zipper broke, and that was awkward. The store was crowded, but manageably so; it wasn't yet nuts. I bought what I could carry home, got out for the #14 Hawthorne bus, got halfway home that way, and walked the rest of the way back. Stepping carefully, so as not to fall, let alone pratfall. (I've done a good vaudeville-style pratfall in the snow before. I'd prefer NOT to do that again.)

My car still runs, by the way. I turned on the engine for a few minutes before my snow trek. When I can drive it again, I want the car to be ready, too!

Now I'm home. There. Update complete. You know more now.
Tags: peregrinations

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