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I've made him laugh again!

So anyway, I'm a fan and supporter of local writer/critic/cartoonist Mike (formerly "M.E.") Russell, he of the comic strip Culture Pulp and he who has the good taste to be friends with coffeeinhell. I met him last year at the fan-centered screening of Serenity at Kennedy School McMenamins, and made him laugh. I've done it again. I'm enjoying this.

Yesterday, I was on-line reading his review of Firewall, and I posted in Comments that link I'd found to the "Harrison Ford Finger of Doom." And Mr. Russell was moved to include the link in the actual review! After finding it (his word) "Hilarious." So thank you to the Mr. Whomever who put up that page in the first place, so we can educate people about the Finger-Pokin' Goodness of Mr. Ford. And, I hope, cause more smiles.

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