Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Voice Post

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“And...felt like checking in again. Been at work, and thank goodness they are feeding us. Or, to be more specific, thank goodness there are leftovers. They had a big company meal back on Friday, and they are feeding us the leftovers, meaning, I'm eating beans right now. So are plenty of the bus drivers. As well as, y'know, apples, oranges, and rolls, and butter, hot cider, hot chocolate. So, now that we've made it in, at least they're feeding us, giving us the strength to go on. So...wanted to report on that.

Definitely puts a different spin on how I experience snow weather now that I am working for a transit company. Anyway... Yeah, my temp job right now is with TriMet, the public transit system here in the Portland area. So that's how I'm being useful. So, back to going to... Back to being useful. (Tripped over my tongue there.)”

Transcribed by: chris_walsh
Tags: voice
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