Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"The Maestro and Snowfall," by Fatboy Roberts

This DJ guy I keep mentioning, Fatboy Roberts, is (if you listen to his show with Cort) one of the funnier smartasses I know. And when he blogs, he shows...more of himself. Like in the Christmas memory he shares here:
...My uncle, who had a satellite dish and a 21-inch TV, had gotten this VCR for his family. And along with the VCR, had gotten a bootleg copy of a movie I hadn't yet heard about. A movie called Star Wars.

I was 4. I didn't understand half of what was flying off the 21-inch screen. I was 3 feet in front of it, close enough to be lost in the scan lines. I don't remember much, but I remember that I was remembering everything. I was committing it all to memory. It was weird, even then, realizing I was recording these memories as they happened, half toddler, half computer, clad in corduroy and orange, staring at walking carpets and drowning in Ben Burtt's sound spilling from 3 inch speakers on either side of that 21 inch TV.

I remembered the hamburger ship. I remember the one-eyed garbage monster. I rememebered the X ships blowing up the O base and the football player fucking with the blond dude in the bathrobe. That's all I remembered.

That and the view out the window. I was 4, and I couldn't pay attention to anything after 5 minutes. There was this strange, beautiful mish-mash of visuals on my uncle's TV. And there was the window, with a klieg light just outside of the door. And it illuminated every single fat snowflake descending from the clouds. And to my 4 year old mind, watching this movie with a hamburger ship speeding through mylar tunnels in something called "hyperspace," the light glinting off those crystalline, utterly unique flakes flitting from the darkened clouds denoted speed. The snow wasn't falling. The house was flying. And as the Falcon blasted towards Yavin, I fully believed my uncle's house was ascending towards the cosmos. The Christmas lights bouncing off the white walls, softened by the shaggy brown carpet I was laying on, blending with the light diffusing through the window and melting into the sounds and images vibrating off the TV...
Please read the rest of it, if you'd be so kind.

Thank you for this piece, Bobby. (I'm not a MySpace member so I can't add a Kudo, so consider this entry a Kudo.)

(He continues to the same movie meme I did this weekend, and he has worthy and intriguing answers.)
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