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So it DOESN'T come true...

...I'll say a thought I've thought.

So KINK FM 101.9 is wrapping up its "KINK XL" celebration of 40 years on the air, where for 40 days it's devoted the whole day of programming to songs from one particular year, from 1968 on. Today is nothing but 2007's music; Christmas Eve will be devoted to 2008; and Christmas is the station's 40th anniversary.

I started to worry that Dec. 26th it will suddenly lay off its entire air staff and become either an automated "we play EVERY SONG!!!!!!" station or an "all commercials all the time" format or something. (You think I'm joking, but that format's actually been tried.)

I'm superstitious enough to figure that thinking the thought but not saying it makes it more likely to become The Horrible Truth. This entry should nip it in the bud.
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