Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Rick Emerson media support program

Rick Emerson's current cool gesture has made the news.

To deal with the recent layoff of his longtime newsman Tim Riley, Emerson asked fellow laid-off Portland media people to come to his studio at KCMD (970 AM) Portland and be the news person for a day. coffeeinhell, Dave Walker and others have taken the chance, and now Peter Carlin has written a well-done, sympathetic column about the gesture.
Laid-off radio hosts get a chance on KCMD-AM
By the way, one of the people Carlin interviewed was Heidi Tauber, late of KPOJ (Portland's Air America affiliate; she'd been Thom Hartmann's co-host), and she details the erasing of her role at her previous station that's Standard Operating Procedure in radio. And, interestingly enough, this week she's also the fill-in morning news reporter on KINK FM 101.9, which is part of the same radio conglomerate at Rick Emerson's station. I wonder if her appearance on Rick's show got her the temp gig at KINK...
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