Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Christmas relaxinnnnnnnnnnnnn'

At Dundee. Dad and Mom drove to Portland this morning, picked me up, stopped at an open Safeway on the way back to get Christmas desserts, and heroically maneuvered back into their snow-choked driveway and garage. "Well-done driving, Dad," I said once we were parked.

My folks' backyard is BURIED. There's over a foot of snow just on the deck; they put newsprint on the top of the snow and put bird feed on top of the newsprint. The birds have been thankful.

My Uncle Greg and cousin Cindy from Dayton, OR are here as well; in a little bit, Greg will spring Aunt Peg from her hospital job and bring her back for Christmas dinner.

It's been and will keep on being a low-key Christmas, which is nice. An oasis of calm.

And I'm wearing the hat I got at the Willy Wonka screening, and so I get style points. I'm not usually stylish enough to get style points. :-)

Happy holidays, all. Hug the people you like to hug.

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