Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And so it began... (The start of each month meme, 2008)

This is how I roll I do this: I link to the entries from the start of each month in a year.

(Self-indulgence ahoy! Those of you new to me and my journal can learn A LOT about me here.)

* On January 1st, I was awake for 2008's start (my favorite line from that entry: "I shouldn't try to sound profound half an hour after getting out of bed.") and I later recounted the books I'd read in '07.

* On February 1st, I was immortalized in a friend's novel (I mean, at least my words were), I told Man Men-loving friends that the second season would indeed happen, and I exulted over a LiveJournal thing. (I'm a man of simple but odd pleasures.)

* On March 1st, I pointed people how they could listen to me on the Internet, I guided my mom up the hill where I used to work, I had trouble with buses, I made a funny while at a cafe, and I exulted over singer friend "Sooj" Tucker getting some Net attention. (Is it odd the Net gives me this much pleasure?)

* On April 1st, I enjoyed an April Fool's joke, I shared a title that I've yet to use (though hughcasey's free to use it!), I got an angel (well, via that Eighties song "Send Me An Angel"), I geeked out over just the chance that I could see that shot-for-shot Raiders of the Lost Ark remake (which I did!), and I shared Dawn Taylor's excellent article on Rick Emerson and his show.

* On May 1st, I felt sooooooooothed by a dream, I shared my 1998 review of The Big Lebowski (that review contains one of my favorite two-sentence combos I've yet written, so you know), and I reminded people how good a show Homicide: Life on the Street was, too. (That wound up being a mini-meme on its own, as friends of mine posted other clips they wanted to share.)

* On June 1st, I enjoyed not-rain (not the same as no rain; read the post and you'll understand), I dug out my original reviews of Wag the Dog and Cruel Intentions, I had a frickin' EPIC dream, I mean like a page from Stephen King's-Dark Tower epic, and I shared an idiosyncrasy of my recently-purchased car. (Now, thanks to the end of Daylight Savings Time, the car radio clock is four hours ahead, not three. You'll understand if you read the link.)

* On July 1st, I taught y'all the difference between "its" and "it's" (go Grammar Chris!), I was impressed with how someone described something, I shipped off nearly every last piece of equipment from the hospital job I'd quit the month before, I avoided getting hit in a crosswalk, and I previewed a science fiction movie I would soon see in someone's backyard.

* On August 1st, I found another way to feed myself, I shared one-line poetry, and I showed what losing one word, or even one letter, in a headline can change.

* On September 1st, I reported from the priciest hotel I've ever stayed at by myself. (I must've only have been able to afford one entry. I kid, I was away from computers the rest of that day hanging out happily in Salem, Massachusetts with octoberland.)

* On October 1st, I answered many, many questions to tell y'all more about me, and I was impressed with a milestone Peter David's comic Fallen Angel achieved.

* On November 1st, I turned 35, I linked to a week-long storyline at xkcd that made me glad I'd started reading that strip, and I played the audio birthday card my brother sent me.

* And on December 1st, I amused myself. I'm good at that. And I hope I've amused you, too.
Tags: memes

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