Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Great Washening

Steady rain to start the first morning of this year. I woke up to it -- more than once, in fact -- and briefly wondered/worried whether water was getting in to my place, but that's not so. (But that was an excuse to string several "whuh" sounds in a row. I like the sound of "whuh" sounds.)

It's warm enough for me not to worry the rain will turn into snow; it'll be nice to have a respite between last month's dump-a-thon and the next snow. The rain is just rain. The rain just is: it's doing its thing and getting water to where it's needed. And I can try to be poetic (yes, even just an hour after waking up) and view it as a washing out of the weird and difficult parts of 2008, so that we can start out 2009 clean. And wet.

I'll go out later: I feel like walking, probably with my hat on (for style and, again, because it's wet out) and breathing in a new year's air.

Evening Edit: Okay, Chris? This entry? Too hippy-dippy by half. We've got flood warnings in Portland now, plus actual flooding, and it might get cold enough for this rain to turn into snow tonight. You want to get all touchy-feely with the rain, love it and hug it and call it George and all that, fine, but the weather doesn't care if you're being nice and poetic about it.

That is all.
Tags: language, portland

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