Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A to Z, like Atoz*

Smiling at the Chargers win, I am. (I had no real rooting interest in today's Falcons-Cardinals game, but I've been pulling for San Diego for a while, because it's refreshing to have them NOT SUCK. This makes up for the years I lived in San Diego when they DID SUCK.)

Meanwhile, I felt like writing a li'l somethin'-somethin', and instead of anything in-depth I'll do a meme:
Using one word for each letter of the alphabet, make a list of the words you most associate with yourself or that you feel best describe you. (Submitted by mesila)
I don't feel like doing LJ Writer's Block regularly, but I'll do this one.

A - Affecting
B - Bathed
C - Chris ('tis my name)
D - Diffuse
E - Earnest
F - Fretting
G - Gourmand
H - Honored (that y'all are reading me!)
I - Irish (...and Swedish, Scottish, and other Northern European types combined all mutt-like...)
J - Jawed (I've had over-developed jaw muscles, from clenching)
K - Keen
L - Lazy
M - Messy
N - Nice
O - Omnivore (I eat many things)
P - Pedantic
Q - Quixotic
R - Reader
S - Silly
T - Tipping
U - Unlikely
V - Verbose
W - Walking (..."Unlikely Verbose Walking" needs to be used somewhere. It's an interesting word combination.)
X - XY'd (I be male, I be)
Y - Youthful (people almost always assume I'm younger than I actually am)
Z - Zen-ish (people say I have a calming aura; maybe I'm Zen with things...)

* Another thing about me: I make Star Trek references. (Here's the Star Trek wiki about Atoz; here's the Wikipedia page about his episode "All Our Yesterdays," also featuring scantily clad Mariette Hartley...)
Tags: memes, sport!

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