Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Extended family (huh huh. He said "extend.")

Went to White Salmon, WA today for the first time since April 2004. This time I wasn’t stressing about looking for work (which I can tell you about), or about family issues of the time (which you don’t want to know about). No, this time was a pleasure trip, to visit my visiting family members who live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Rob Paulsen (gotta differentiate between him and the at least three other Robs we’ve had in my family) was gone, as he had to be back at his job over a week ago, but Birgitte, son Markus and daughter Amalia are still here until Thursday, and this was my best chance to see them again. Wind wasn’t too bad driving up through the Columbia River Gorge, and I had almost no wind to contend with returning home tonight, except for a stretch near Multnomah Falls.

Markus is still a bundle of energy, as all 5-year-olds are contractually required to be, but the rest of us took it easy. I also met Eduardo, a high school exchange student from Brazil who my Aunt Pat and Uncle Bill are hosting. (They’ve been doing this through Rotary since the ’80s.) Amalia was content to sit in my lap for a while; she’s a constant observer, so they’ve nicknamed her She Who Watches, after this petroglyph in Klickitat County. Very calming, holding that kid, until she got prone to crying, but a diaper change (not done by me) helped temper that. I passed along photos I took of the whole brood, including Rob, on Super Bowl Sunday, and they appreciated them. More evidence they were here! More evidence they mattered! ;-)
Tags: peregrinations

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