Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A birthday message to my friend octoberland

(Some of the many) Reasons why I'm glad I know octoberland:

She's a writer who's on her way to writing stuff that will cause people to say a good kind of "Whoa." (Her pulling off the feat of writing a zombie story that felt like a fairy tale -- I've heard it, I know this is true -- shows a talent that's going to do something special.)

She was the first second to possess the title Guest of Awesome, at last year's Pi-Con. All further Pi-Con awesomosity must be measured against hers. It's a touchstone. She sets the standard, y'all. (Later: Repair! zarhooie let me know that in fact saraphina_marie was Pi-Con's first Guest of Awesome, in 2007, and she's pretty awesome in her own right. Maybe their awesomosity adds up to extra awesomeness...)

Her enthusiasm is mighty and amused. She takes pleasure in something, that something should feel pleasure right back, because she enjoys stuff so strongly. (Somewhere in Rhode Island, Caitlin R. Kiernan just shivered a good shiver. So did the casts of Law & Order and CSI.)

And she saved my ass in her hometown of Salem, Massachusetts last Labor Day weekend by making sure I had a place to sleep. Plus we had a wonderful visit in Salem just on general principles.

Beautiful, intense, hilarious, unironically sparkly: that's just a tiny bit of 'Land. I am continually impressed by her.

I hope for all the best for you, octoberland. Happy birthday.
Tags: birthdays

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