Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Is yelling "FRAK!!!!!" a spoiler?

Complete. Silence.

THAT was one well-behaved audience at the Bagdad's screening of the latest Battlestar Galactica (an episode which I WILL NOT spoil here; that'd be extra unfair of me!). The place was packed, the show was projected, and it's going to be great when someone involved with Battlestar attends one of these screenings*, because the audience was eating out of the producers' hands. We reacted as we were supposed to react to, well, what happens in this episode. The chorus of SSHHUSHHes as each commercial break ended was a joy to hear. The occasional audience screams? Also a joy.

People indeed showed up early, which is what hosts Cort and Fatboy had strongly urged. The line started under the Bagdad's marquee, went down a block of SE 37th, down a block of Clay and (at its longest) around the dead end of Clay. LOTS of people.

And the getting-into-the-Bagdad part of this event will go more smoothly next Friday. (I wonder if the Bagdad's had more people at any of its other free events. This may have beat it. Again: LOTS and lots of people.)

Oh, and you know how beer's sometimes called "liquid bread"? Like in that Firefly episode? That and the glass of McMenamin's Terminator Stout I had before the show may explain why I had enough energy to walk (and sometimes jog) all the way home to the Brooklyn neighborhood. Oh, that and wanting to get home where it was warmer...

Added: I'm now tempted to redo the Gorillaz song "Kids With Guns" as "Geeks With Beer." "Geeks with beer... geeks with beer... Some humans mass... with spoiler fear... No channel-changing... or blank screens here... We're geeks with beer... geeks with beer..."

* A few weeks from now, Battlestar Galactica producer Mark Verheiden plans to be at the Bagdad. He should be there the night of the episode he wrote. I bet he hopes he gets screams...
Tags: bsg, music, peregrinations, portland, radio

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