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Alphabet meme via octoberland and kradical

My LJ: It’s quiet. Too quiet. So have meme-y info about me.

- Available: yep. (Sometimes I have to remind myself this is true…)
- Age: 35
- Animal: is a kick-ass drummer! Animal! ANIMAL!!!!!!

- Beer: I should have more and learn to appreciate it and stuff. I’m not a good Portlander otherwise! (I do like the Terminator stout chocolate milkshake that McMenamin’s makes…)
- Birthday: November 1st
- Best feeling in the world: Loving warmth.
- Blind or Deaf: Only occasionally, not chronically.
- Best weather: Comfortable. That can mean warm but breezy, that can mean cloudy and cool (I often find clouds comforting); it varies.
- Been in Love: Yes, though I seem to be better at unrequited crushes (grumble, grumble…).
- Been on stage: Yes, as a kid.
- Believe in Magic: If Olivia Newton-John can, I can!
- Believe in Santa: I did, and I thought Santa was pretty neat. (I love that wrestler Mick Foley’s big motivation to have a third and fourth kid was so he could still have children young enough to believe in Santa.)

- Candy: Yes, and plenty, please. I’ve always had a sweet tooth.
- Color: Burnished and burnt, warm, earthy tones are one way to my heart. (I’d probably look bad in clothes of those colors, but it’s not clothes I’m thinking about here.)
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Each has its purpose.
- Chinese/Mexican: Mexican, it’s much easier for me to be satisfied that way. I’m more likely now to go for Thai or Vietnamese food if I want Asian food.
- Cake or pie: Not “Cake or Death”? Okay, Cake, as long as we don’t run out of cake at this rate…
- Continent to visit: Europe, for so much culture packed into such a relatively small space. It’s the continent that’s small but mighty.
- Cheese: Tillamook Cheese. Made from milk from Tillamook, Oregon and from Morrow County, Oregon, near where I used to live; it’s good and it’s local.

- Day or Night: Day. It’s easier to get around.
- Dance in the rain: Indeed I have…

- Eyes: Hazel-ish.
- Everyone has: Uncomfy stuff in their nose. (I just had to blow mine, is why I’m thinking about noses.)
- Ever failed a class? Yep (he cringed).

- Full name: Christopher Michael Walsh
- First thoughts waking up: whatever dreams I’ve had, what song is on the radio.
- Food: Is NOT to be taken nasally! (It’s all about noses tonight. Deal with it.)

- Greatest Fear: Not doing enough. Not doing enough good is a close, close second, but I often feel like I don’t do enough.
- Goals: Do more, read more, write more, talk more. Be interested and interesting.
- Get along with your parents: Decently well. I’m lucky in the parents department.
- Good luck charm: To quote The Abyss, “Luck is not a factor.”

- Hair Color: Blonde, with a VanDyke various shades of blond, reddish, and grey-ish/white-ish.
- Height: Slightly above 5 foot 7.
- Happy: I want to be happier.
- Holiday: Celebrate. Just one day out of life. It would be…it would be so nice. (By the way, I can still remember almost to the moment hearing that song for the first time. First Madonna song I’d ever heard. Amazingly, I was and am heterosexual!)
- How do you want to die: Calmly, saying, “Okay, I did all that. Now to do this.” Whether I’ll really be that calm and collected about it when it happens, well, I can’t predict that.

- Ice Cream: Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. If someone invented a breakfast ice cream, I’d be ALL OVER THAT.
- Instrument: …of CHAOS!!!

- Jewelry: I don’t wear any. I used to – a subtle chain, another slightly bigger chain with a neat glass ball – but I’m not a big accessorizer. Both chains now hang on my wall.
- Job: Temping, right now.
- Write a journal: Write a journal, wrote a journal: I’ve done this on and off since at least 1990, and I joined LJ in 2004.

- Kids: I like them. I haven’t caused any.
- Kickboxing or karate: Karate, I’d say. I need more upper body strength. (In junior high I had tae kwon do training, so that could be a foundation of knowledge of how to use my body that way.)

- Longest Car Ride: Two cross-country trips, one in 1982 (west-to-east) and one in 1994 (east to west).
- Love: is possible.
- Letter: is something we all should write at least once. Actual words on actual paper using an actual writing implement. Then send. It’s quite satisfying.
- Laughed so hard you cried: The “Battle of the Planets” episode of Invader Zim; the bag of pot dream sequence in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle; and I laughed so hard at Raising Arizona’s chase scene that I started unsettling my stomach. Laughing until you cry: useful and needed.

- Movies: I need to see more.
- Music: As much as possible.
- McD’s or BK: Both, but only occasionally. Big influence: which place’s commercials annoy me more mean I’ll visit that place less. This varies.

- Number of Siblings: 1
- Number of Piercings: 0
- Number of Tattoos: 0
- Number: 9…Number 9…Number 9…

- One wish: To love and to love in return. SO nice when that happens…

- Perfect Pizza: It hasn’t happened yet. I’ll keep trying new ones to see.
- Pepsi/Coke: Prooooooobably Coke.

- Quote: From Neil Gaiman’s Sandman: “Lady, I’m yer worst nightmare: a pumpkin with a gun.”

- Reason to cry: Bad death. I know from experience. Don’t ask.
- Reality TV: Watched, occasionally. The husband of a friend of mine was a cameraman on the first season of Gone Country. I find Survivor a compelling show. And I enjoyed that season of Celebrity Fit Club that reminded me that Tiffany was hot.
- Radio Station: 94.7 Alternative Portland and KINK FM 101.9.
- Roll your tongue in a circle: More like a U. (If I could do a W, I’d really be talented.)

- Song: a hell of a writer, a hell of a person. (I mean shadesong, a.k.a. ’Song.)
- Shoe size: *braves getting near my shoe and its smell to find out* 9. AGAIN with the “number 9…number 9…number 9…”
- Salad Dressing: Thousand Island. And I grew up on Italian vinaigrette that came in a powdered mix.
- Sushi: I need to have more. Not Jeremy Piven’s definition of “more,” but more.
- Skipped school: Sometimes, in college.
- Smoked: Never. Though maybe I smoked in a past life…
- Sing well: Better than Pierce Brosnan…
- In the shower: Absolutely.
- Swear: More than you’d think…
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Blueberries. Straight strawberries have never done much for me.

- Time for bed: Usually between 10 and 11. Not tonight, though, obviously.

- Unpredictable: Mmmmmmmmmaybe. ;-)

- Vacation spot: Oregon Coast.

- Weakness: Laziness
- Which friend acts like you: I honestly don’t know. Must be failing on some level of the knowing-thyself job.
- Who makes you laugh most: Almost everyone I know makes me laugh and laugh well. I have NO idea who to single out for laugh-causing!
- Worst feeling: Knowing you screwed up and knowing that will have consequences for you and others. (Also known from experience.)
- Wanted to be a model: Nope. I don’t want to be professionally good-looking, I want to look at the professionally good-looking.
- Where do we go when we die: a magical, faraway place, where the sun is always shining and the air smells like warm root beer, and the towels are oh so fluffy
- Worst Weather: Humidity you could go swimming in, without access to a body of water where you actually could swim.

- X-Rays: Do NOT shoot from my eyes.

- Year it is now: 2009.
- Yellow: is the BEST fever.

- Zoo animal: All of the denizens of the San Diego Wild Animal Park. We need more zoos where the animals have wider range to roam and we humans stay in smaller spaces.


1. Slept in a bed beside you: One bed over was my cousin Cindy, at Christmas. She and her parents were staying with my parents in Dundee because their Dayton house didn’t have power.
2. You went to the mall with: Briefly with my folks. Usually I go by myself.
3. You went to dinner with: Mike Russell and David Walker before last month’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory screening. And yesterday I sat at the Bagdad with coffeeinhell, her husband Patrick and our mutual friend tanuki_green, but over drinks and not a meal because there wasn’t enough time for food. (Thanks for covering the drinks, Dawn and Patrick!)
4. You talked to on the phone: Quickly with octoberland on Friday night, wishing her a happy birthday.
5. Made you laugh: Someone online.
6. Hugged you: Mom.
7. Said they loved you: My folks. (I’m lucky to have good parents and to have a good relationship with them.)
8. You spoke with: the meat counter guy at Fred Meyer tonight. We commiserated over the times when we or other carnivores we’ve known couldn’t eat meat.
9. You cried over: No one comes to mind.
10. Made you mad: No one who reads this. I’d rather not say; I figure that sharing the reason why this particular person made me mad would make other people mad to no real end.
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