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What a long, strange trip it’s being (the 3,000th post)

Entry #3,000. About a thousand of those, I’ve written in the past year. More of my life is in words. This is needed. I need more words.

I started my journal in September 2004, initially mainly so I could comment on friends’ LJs and maybe do some blogging. Which turned into a lot of blogging. Not as much as my friends shadesong or popfiend, but as time went on I had more and more thoughts that I decided deserved to be shared. This blog: it’s let me be silly, it’s let me be serious, it’s let me vent frustration, it’s let me do good…

…and it’s let me connect with many amazing people. I have more friends now: friends who also share the love of words, friends who also have worthy thoughts and intriguing lives. And I know you because I, and you and you and you and you and you, all decided why not blog?

Thank you all for communication. Thank you all for sometimes making me laugh until I could barely breathe. Thank you all for your commitment, your passion, and (when needed) your virtual shoulder to lean on.

It’ll keep on being a long, strange trip. Life is like that. Makes it worth all these words.

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