Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A Modest Proposal

Argh. Once again we have a politician caught having inappropriate sex and lying about it. The usual screaming and pontificating and calls to resign are now resonating. You know how these scandals go, with an extra layer of titillation here because Portland Mayor Sam Adams is the first openly gay mayor of a major city.

I have an idea. (One so cunning you can stick a tail on it and call it a weasel? I ask you.)

Getting ready to run for office? Agree to whatever medical science can do to make you not want sex. Dial down the urge so you no longer risk thinking with your warm squishy bits. That’s even stronger than a vow of celibacy, but take that, too. It would say and mean you’re serious about service. In other words, you want to run for reasons other than “be powerful so I get sex.” The public wants term limits? (Not something I think is automatically a good idea, and in fact one of my few votes I’d take back was one for term limits, but anyway.) The new term limit can be “as long as a politico’s okay with not getting any.” It’s going to suck for whoever is wife/ husband/ partner/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ snugglebunny of that politico, but hey, it’s not forever, and the post-job catch-up sex (after the effects are reversed) would likely be SPECTACULAR. It’s better than priests’ vows of celibacy, which do have to be forever! (Not even the promise of virgins in the afterlife…)

All this takes sex out of the equation. Sex + Politics = Trouble. No sex? Less No trouble! Whether it leads to pubic officials’ depression over not getting any could be a problem, but hey, I’m not running.

Brilliant? I ask you!
Tags: politics

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