Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Great slipjig's Great Movie Survey of 2009

Movies! Movies! Movies! Some are great! Some suck! Let's concentrate on the great ones!

My friend slipjig explains:
I seem to have a burr up my bloomers to do this roughly once every two years, and seeing as how (a) I've just witnessed the most atrocious top-whatever list I've ever laid eyes on, and (b) I'm bored off my tuchus (mostly "b"), I think it's about that time:

Adam's 2009 LiveJournal Greatest Movies of All Time Survey

What I require of you:

1) In a comment to this post, give me your list of the 10 greatest movies of all time. Define the word "greatest" by whatever criteria you like, be it "favorite" or "most important" or whatever. Only feature-length theatrical films will be eligible (even if it was just a showing or two at a film festival or one week in Podunk); direct-to-video, made-for-TV and short-subject titles are not eligible. Also, please only nominate individual films, not series of films.

2) Please make sure your list is in order, or as close as you can make it. In other words, #1 will be your top choice, #2 will be your second choice, and so on. In past years, I have allowed participants to submit lists "in no particular order," but this year I'm using a modified scoring system that won't allow for that. (If sorting your list is proving difficult, at least make sure your top two or three are in order; the scoring system puts the majority of the weight at the high end of the scale, so that the difference between #1 and #2 is much greater than, say, between #9 and #10.)

3) Please do not look at other people's responses until you've handed in yours. I don't want lists that amount to, "Oh, yeah, I forgot about that one! *typetype*" Also, changes are not allowed once your list is submitted; any changes made after the fact will be considered invalid.

4) If you can, please pimp this out in your journal. Every time I dust off this poll, I try for as many responses as I can get, but I always seem to stall out somewhere in the 30's. I'd like to shoot for 100 lists or more, but to do that, I need your help. Please point at me!

5) Deadline: 10 a.m., Monday, February 2. Results to be posted as soon after that as I can get them calculated.

Thank you so much for your participation. I'm looking forward to seeing your lists!
Properly pimped, pal! (Again, here's the link to his entry. I'll do my list later. I will not look at the comments 'til then!)

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