Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A birthday message to celticfeministw

Today is the birthday of my friend celticfeministw.

A good sign you're a good person: if you're good and gentle with animals. celticfeministw is indeed good and gentle that way: she and her husband redrua have fostered dogs, and she now has a dream job at a zoo. (A zoo you may have heard of. Sometimes Jack Hanna walks by her desk.)

She's also a word appreciater. One of her icons is of her peeking over a P.G. Wodehouse novel. She edits (she knows the power of STET!). She loves language and uses it well. Language likely likes her use of it.

celticfeministw joined my LJ in my first year. We've read each other through a lot. We've bonded over our fondness for The Fisher King. She's one of many who exposed me to the pleasures and worthiness of Joss Whedon's works. (Her LJ name is Willow's line "A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend.")

And she's quietly strong. I know for sure.

Happy birthday, Cas. I'm glad I know you.
Tags: birthdays

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