Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A good weekend, Part One

Grand time last night at the Bagdad screening of Battlestar. Even when we were screaming at that cliffhanger.

Aaron liked my latest film score review for Geek in the City. Keep it up, Chris! I want to keep him liking what I write! (The grammar in that sentence is odd, but I think it works. At least I know what I mean. If not, tell me and I'll translate.)

Today continued The Good. I picked up Angel Season One* at the library, then had a seasoned duck-and-noodle soup at Pho Van on Hawthorne. Really hit the spot. Another Something Good: I got a little less clumsy with chopsticks! One of these days I won't embarrass myself using them...

Groceries followed, and now those groceries are in the kitchen in their proper places, I've had juice and supplements, and the soup continues to digest well in me.
*I'll call this "Angel Season 1.5." I'd borrowed the DVD set a few months ago, but had trouble getting into the season (I think the show wasn't nearly as interesting in its early episodes as it could be). By the time the show started really grabbing my interest and I'd reached Episode 11, I needed to return the set, so I got back in the hold line for it. Now I could watch the last 11 shows at my own leisure.
Tags: bsg, firefly/whedon, peregrinations, portland

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