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Quiet Super Bowl Sunday

* Home for this Super Bowl. I considered heading out today, either to my parents' place or to a theater or pub projecting the film, but I decided on a low-impact Super Bowl day. Plus I'm less likely to spend money by staying home.

* I didn't watch last year's Super Bowl (18-1 record! Suck on that! Yeah, I've never warmed to the Patriots). I was at the Bagdad's Grindhouse Film Festival, watching Road House.

* Today's excitement? Cleaning.

* I took out my composting to the little black incubators we have outside our building, and I saw plenty of worms making their way through the soil and trash, beavering (if I may mix animal metaphors) through to make this into richer soil.

I thought It's the good kind of having worms!

* Good food is a good thing for Super Bowl Sunday. I'm going to spend the next couple of hours making lentil soup. My family modified the Rheinlander's lentil soup recipe. A Rheinlander recipe is a good place to start. I like our lentil soup.
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